Shadow Dungeon (BiH) – Gæstgerýne MC

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Black Metal


Scratching at the coffin lid with spectral claws of carnal lust, moaning from mouldering tombs in terror of the empty void and sanguine spiral, rises that immortal being that writhes in the smog of suffering known by grand title of Shadow Dungeon. Constructed in the arch age of 2020, this labyrinth decadence stretches its shadow ever longer over the grey lands of mortal indifference and squalor, unchaining now the darkest of its incarnations to date, the Leper King breathing its disease ever stronger.

Gæstgerýne, unlike their previous works, is a grandious synth driven black metal epicness in the true tradition of 90 Austria Black Metal Syndicate, is the review of the soul, the gangrene of the guest, and the ruin of the reverie. A lonely tread through endless tunnels of sombre synth, an atmosphere drenched in mediaeval deviltry and darkness, mourn of unlight left creeping in dissonant hum. The Leper King sings, the Shadow Dungeon calls, heed thy push and pull of heart. Heed the harrow of the black flame.

Available now on professional manufactured cassette tape.


Exclusive import from Goatowarex (China).

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