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Chevallier Skrog (CZ/SWE) – Bazejovitzky Tribunal MC

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Black Metal


Talons outstretched toward the vast Valley of the Healers below, bony claws spinning in circles as the cleansing force of dissonant terror begins to dance around them, comes that mighty master-of-arms known hail by grand power of Chevallier Skrog. Whilst this putrid paladin has only graced the land with its presence since the age of 2021, it already has unchained four incantations of Folkish Medieval Black Punk purity, the latest of which rises from the earth in streams of splendorous bliss.

Bazejovitzky Tribunal is a bolstering blast of the black punk wyrd. A riveting culmination of grandiose sound samples, fuzz earth production, war march percussion, direct force melodies and berserk howl oration that sweeps the land with its mending energies to instil the force of nature within its soils and souls once again. Bazejovitzky Tribunal is a truly beautiful and blistering incantation of black punk power, pushing down on all dolmens and raising forth great heaps of mud, to bring salve of earth energy to those weeping the land—this whether their souls are prepared for such salvation, or not.

Available on professional manufactured cassette tape. The eternal judgement from the sect of light.


Exclusive import from Goatowarex (China).

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