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Behrosth (RUS) – Культ вещих снов (Cult of Prophetic Dreams) MC

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Black Metal


Whispering from the haze fume rays of the smoke sky moon, between the heavy psychedelic robes of the fungal prophets, penetrates that fuzz force of acid black metal majesty, the mighty sky lord known only as Behrosth.

Культ вещих снов (Cult of Prophetic Dreams), band's 3rd album on GoatowaRex, is a grooving lambast of spectral toadstool splendour, one that utilises a warm production to create a fuzz focused incantation of infectious power chord melody enhanced by cold rasp of black metal aural augmentation. A colossal force of droning rhythm and technicolour terror, Behrosth have once again rode the wave of iridescent dream vision and unleashed an incantation of true groove crusade, one that any acolyte hungering for that stark sound of psychedelic black doom will find themsleves satiated and spent beneath the canopy of the fungal forest.

Available on professional manufactured cassette. Feast in the night fog, mourn the blizzard dream.


Exclusive import from Goatowarex (China).

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