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Hinthial (ITA) - :Rasna: 10"MLP

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Black Metal


In the womb of one of the secrets of time lies an inalienable resonance between the roots of man and his history cognizance. Oftenly, the seeking of an endless spirit endowment engulfs him with a veil of barren knowledge, that commonly ties his thoughts and reflections to the boundaries of an ordinary living, dragged by a flux of invisible strands that may craft a path leading nowhere. Sometimes, this delivers into a self-inducted catharsis where the glorious pursuit of ancient trails in own’s blood turns imperative. Despite it being minimum or gigantic. Pure as a child’s heart or intertwined as a chimera. This seed is what made man within and not without. Empowering him to step above all his previous versions yet giving birth to what will become his spiritform.

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